What is Your Favorite Part About Brunch?

Panos Exterior

Pano’s brunch has been enjoyed far and wide across Western New York and beyond for years. As we continue to evolve so do our brunch creations.

The ideal brunch is different for everyone. For some it’s all about the specials: Discounted bloody marys, mimosas and entree items. Others simply look forward to the food: Waffles, pancakes, french toast, omelettes, etc. Then there are those who seek out the social experience, whether you are dining with your friends or taking the family out for some weekend grub, you may look forward to dining on the patio and just relaxing.

With so many options out there for the perfect brunch, we want to know what you can’t live without during brunch. Be sure to also let us know what past Pano’s brunch item was your favorite in the comments!

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