Elmwood Avenue Revitalization Continues

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There is a lot to look forward to while planning a trip to the Elmwood Village. From shopping, to dining, the EV has it all. Not to mention the many cultural attractions that surround the area. From the Albright-Knox Art Gallery to Delaware Park, some of Buffalo’s most iconic landmarks live in the village.

Something much bigger is happening here, a revitalization of an area, one that has been happening for a long time according to Ashley Smith, the Executive Director of the Elmwood Village Association.

“Many of the Elmwood Village’s residential properties have been and continue to be restored, Garden Walk Buffalo just had it’s 25th Anniversary- the participation and community surrounding the event continues to grow; infill developments have filled in gaps and provided additional quality spaces on Elmwood Avenue as well,” says Smith.

Smith says she always likes to see completed projects and current projects being added to Elmwood Avenue, like Elmwood Crossing which was the former WCHOB site.

“That is a major reuse and redevelopment project for the city and has a lot of opportunity to provide unique assets to Elmwood Village communities,” says Smith.

In addition to restoration and long running events continuing in the village, there are many new and old favorite businesses that are going through a revitalization. With the opening of Rin Thai Bistro, re-opening of Pano’s 👋 and Charlie the Butcher opening a new location, the community is buzzing!

Make sure to visit the Elmwood Village Association’s website and follow them on Facebook to keep up with everything happening in the EV.

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