Newlyweds Choose Pano’s for First Romantic Dinner Date

Newlyweds Choose Pano’s for First Romantic Dinner Date

Cody Clemons and Alexandria Paretto were married on June 3rd, 2018 at Niagara Falls City Hall. A couple weeks ago we received a message from Cody asking if he could make a dinner reservation on our grand re-opening day. After a few messages back and forth we discovered how much Pano’s meant to them. So much so, that they wanted to enjoy their first meal as newlyweds with us!

Cody and Alexandria have been going to Pano’s for years, so when they saw the announcement for our opening they jumped on making a reservation.

“Pano’s restaurant for me have been a staple; the staff, the atmosphere, the food. It gives off a feeling of comfort to the community, which is something I always feel in my hometown,” Cody told us.

While choosing a restaurant to dine in for their first night out as newlyweds, it was important for both Alexandria and Cody to pick somewhere they could set their aside busy lives and focus on each other while knowing they would get great service and food.

“Ironically we agreed on one restaurant 100%,” Pano’s happened to be the perfect fit!

Cody suggests that customers should order “anything steak” and that the staff will “ensure the food is made to your exact request”.

Thanks to Cody and Alexandria for making our grand re-opening extra special. Most importantly, congratulations to the happy couple!

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